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What you Need to Know for a Safe Return to In-School Learning

Cook is a small elementary school located in central New Jersey. We service students in grades kindergarten through 5th grade.  

We believe our instruction should be enriched by the arts and outside experiences.  Hence, we have developed a partnership with the NJ Performing Arts Center in Newark, New Jersey.  Our students will benefit from many of their center’s resources.  In addition, we believe field trips enhance students’ overall learning experiences.  To that end, students will be provided with multiple opportunities to learn outside of the classroom.

Our primary goal is to provide students with a world-class education, which will allow them to compete competently and globally. We also strive to maintain a culture of respect and trust with all who enter our doors, particularly students, staff and parents.

One of our greatest assets is our small size. Because of our small numbers, we are able to have intimate relationships with our students, staff and families.  It is our belief that students require a safe and positive environment in order to grow into culturally sensitive adults. Our size also enhances our ability to have foci in these areas.

Our school will continue to explore methods to foster a climate that dictates excellence in education, rewards achievement, enhances school spirit, and establishes a sense of confidence in our work for the community at large.

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